AMG Wealth & Investment Management is an award winning company.
We operate the AMG trade programme which aims at exceeding returns whilst investing across the major currency pairs, equities, indices and commodities which gives a good insight and cross-section into global growth alongside our Fixed Income desk from which we specialise in bonds incuding MTN's and SBLC's.
Our Global Commodities arm allows us to offer more diversification and we have prominent global contacts in over 40 global countries, we can engage with to also assist with supply demands.
Our Secure Logistics Division help with the demands, security and safety to ensure all commodities transactions are done in the most professional manner.
We strategically align ourselves with verified institutions and accredited investors globally.
AMG operate divisions in Finance, Hard Commodities, Soft Commodities, Secure Logistics and Renewable Energy.

AMG are an approved supplier for the United Nations, our UNGM FSP registration number is 680939.