Management Team

CEO - Dr. Guarav Tah

Guarav is a former oculo-plastic surgeon in Oxford who has a keen eye for trading. He was the youngest Honorary Lecturer and Examiner at Kings’ College London at 24 before moving to business. He is involved in a number of businesses in different industries and brings with him a wealth of experience in generating strategic business alliances and networks. He has the capacity to lend his foresight into achieving the funds vision. Being acquainted with many accredited investors and fostering good relations he has the proved ability to lead this company in the direction it requires. Guarav has an MBBS and BSc(Hons) from Imperial College London.

Chief Market Technician - Captain Nik Tal

Being a captain is the heart's desire however when he is not flying a Boeing or Airbus he is spending time on the market to create wealth. Having done this successfully over many years, he will be an integral part in making sure AMG stay ahead of our competitors. Having a meticulous state of mind is indispensable in helping AMG reach the global growth we and our partners desire. From a masters degree in mathematics alongside aeronautical engineering he is the main point of contact in regards to the trading strategy we implement within the AMG trade programme.

Head of Fraud Prevention - Indi Singh
Indi Singh (Raj) comes from a Law Enforcement background spanning over 20 years. He is a ex-police officer who made his way through various departments gaining knowledge and expertise in investigations. He ended his tenure with the Police on a career high working in the forces tactical and strategic policing unit for force intelligence. This meant that he was working covertly tackling crime and gathering intelligence for prosecution. Indi left a decorated officer and received several medals and commendations for his work. Indi continued his work in law enforcement working for a HM government regulator and now heads his own multi-award-winning Private Detective agency, from which he was tasked with the responsibilities of being security advisor for the late Kofi Annan on his recent visit to the UK. Indi also advised on the security for the British Commonwealth Fayre and the Belize Presidential visit. Indi has joined the team at AMG to ensure smooth and efficient services are offered in a transparent and honest way mitigating fraud from start to finish and to reassure our suppliers, consumers and network base that we adhere to a strict and professional code of practice

Fund Manager - Aran Singh (Bsc.Hons/CFA)

Aran Singh has in excess off 10 years experience within the financial industry trading alongside maintaining/fostering client relationships and has a proven track record within the trading area. He has completed a BSc (Hons) in economics, his further qualifications include being a CFA Level II candidate, he is a dynamic individual who has managed to navigate higher then expected market returns and constantly builds on the extra skills required to compete in this industry. Having worked at many FCA regulated firms in the city of London he is now best placed to help AMG grow to the level desired, deliver substantial returns whilst continuing to expand AMG's impressive global reputation. Aran has overseen multi-million pound transactions and his deal structuring process is truly an asset alongside having been involved with a number of start-up companies in recent memory  successfully leading them to the growth required, he has the business acumen required to make us a global industry leader.

Business Development Manager - Debbie Rycraft
Debbie Rycraft has a wealth of knowledge with over 20 years experience in previous careers ranging from Commercial Bank managerial roles, Law Enforcement and Home Office Sector with exceptional high security clearance. At a very young age, she came into the financial world, becoming a successful branch manager, then sought a career in enforcement. As a former police officer, Debbie was always enhancing her skills, not only to benefit her, but the organisation. Through various departments and achievements, she was credited with a role at the Home Office, where she managed the Eastern Region UK Enforcement teams. Debbie’s previous task include: core logistics for the London Riots, covert operations, Royal/Celebrity protection duties, investigations, cross border (including EU) partnerships, development/mentoring, management to name but a few. During this time Debbie found the love for cycling, but had an unfortunate injury which could have left her with permanent disability.  As the determined individual she is, she took a career break and competed all over the world, becoming the Thailand Champion, racing for GB in the UCI masters and is now owner of Giro d’Abruzzo Cycling Tours and Active Edge Race Team. She decided to resign her position within the force and formed her own consulting company developing businesses including private detective and security advisor firms. She is also the co-owner of IMF corporate events and retreats. Debbie, due to her passion to help others excel in business, is now working in partnership with our team at AMG as Business Development Manager. Her role is to adhere to a transparent and professional code of practice we have here at AMG, and to ensure that you as our client receive the best possible products and service you require to enable you to attain the commodities you desire.