Secure Logistics Division

The modern-day threat to the transport industry is considerable. Millions of pounds worth of goods is stolen yearly. But this could just be down to bad planning, or not completing a risk assessment.
At AMG Wealth Investment we recognise this and are proud to offer our clients a unique and bespoke service.
Using our in-house intelligence and strategic team we carry out thorough risk assessments and can deploy several counter measures to ensure your assets reach you safely and securely.

Our services include:

  •    Anti-piracy deployments
  •    Counter Surveillance
  •    Aerial Surveillance
  •    Private Military Protection
  •    Reinforced Armoured Vehicle Transportation
  •    Intelligence Gathering & Threat Assessment
  •    Contingency Planning

Our experts have over 20 years-experience in all the above fields which we use to benefit our clients.
Whether the transport is by land, sea or air, we are confident we can give our clients peace of mind. Our specialist concierge service will also accompany our security team to ensure a smooth and professional transition is carried out.
Our service is global, and we would be happy to discuss this as an additional service to our clients.